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Our Team


Centre Manager

The centre manager is responsible for the centre through daily audits and reviews of the centre procedures and systems.

The centre manager’s main focus is to achieve a high standard of care and customer satisfaction.

She has over 10 years experience in all aspect of business and has many years experience in the childcare industry, she has worked from the bottom as a trainee to now centre manager.

Centre Nominated Supervisor

The centre Nominated Supervisor is at the centre each day to support the team, children and parents.

The Nominated Supervisor is approved by the Department of Education by meeting the Regulatory requirements of this role.

She is Diploma trained and has many years experience in the childcare industry, experience as a group leader and also as a room assistant.

Centre Educator

The centre educator is involved in the daily implementation of the Early Learning Framework throughout each educational room, she supports and helps develop the skills of the team and ensure the curriculum meets the Regulatory requirements.

The Educator has obtained her Bachelor of Early Childhood and Education at university level and is required to have many years experience in the industry.

Centre Group Leader

The group leaders of each educational room is responsible together with the Educator, Nominated Supervisor to ensure that the children and parents of the centre needs are met, together with implementing the high standard of care expected by management.

The group leader have obtained their Associated Diploma in Children Services together with industry experience allows them to manage staff and implement the program and care.

Centre Assistant

The centre assistant is involved in the implementation of the program and care to the children, they are important as they are the carer of the children on a more involved level.

Together with the Group leaders, Educators and Nominated Supervisor they achieve the overall high standard in care and education.